Frozen Seafood | Processor & Exporter

Quality Policy

The success story of Coastal Seafoods lies behind its quality policy and its firm implementation. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and we do this by ensuring quality products and services.

The company is committed to its aims and objectives and insists on implication of improvement techniques in every aspect of processing. To support this thought, Coastal Seafoods has developed and implemented a quality system that complies with international standards.

Workshops are conducted to train employees to ensure safety and quality of the product at various stages. To assist in ensuring safety and quality of food, the company has implemented and follows the HACCP principles, involving food safety and good manufacturing practices. Standard work practices have also been developed in the form of SOPs and all employees are expected to follow these procedures.

To ensure safety from microbiological hazards, we have established a laboratory equipped with the necessary instruments. Raw material is inspected on arrival and supply basis. Raw material intake date has been formulated where raw material freshness and contamination is undergone under the supervision of quality control officer and his team. At receiving area if the criteria laid down of various products mismatches, the quality control manager is delegated with the power to reject the material from a particular supply line. Good raw material icing practice, usage of clean water and safety of water for processing and ice production, internal and external cleanliness condition of plant, prevention of cross contamination, exclusion of pests, protection of food packaging, proper labeling, storage and use of toxic compounds and employees with good health conditions are all top priority issues at Coastal Seafoods.